MRO surplus offers opportunity

Consumable supplies and specialized industrial equipment are used readily through the production process within a manufacturing environment. This equipment and supply doesn’t always result in inclusion within the end product. After certain cycles of this process, these items become unusable and need repair or become outfitted as surplus items. The items are then referred to as MRO products or maintenance, repair, operations products.

Wide selection of items

MRO items run the gamut, from industrial equipment including pumps, valves, drives, and motors to consumables such as office, cleaning or laboratory supplies. MRO Recovery specializes in the procurement, handling and sales of these integral items. Procurement of MRO products comes from a variety of sources across our national network of consignment sellers.

Industry experience

At MRO Recovery, we have the industry knowledge and expertise to offer our customers the ability to sell through us on a consignment basis. Seek us out to let us use our honed skills to sell your unused MRO items.