Surplus Sales

Reduce loss

Retake control of your MRO surplus inventory and decrease costs throughout your business. Excess supply reduces inventory storage capacities, thereby increasing overall costs organization-wide. It’s important to curtail these expenses and seek out other means to increase storage space. Products within the MRO category retain value after use or even new products that no longer fit the company vision and can be re-sold.

Increase working capital

Waste within an inventory can damage a balance sheet and deter a prosperous year. Partnering with MRO Recovery can reduce overall waste and re-purpose unused or slightly used products. We specialize in offering solutions that offer financial savings and direct more working capital into your business.

Diverse solutions

MRO Recovery provides a variety of customized options to make the selling process as simple as needed. We will strive to meet and exceed your inventory sales management goals. Let us be your advisor to set prices, determine markets and develop the overall strategy for increasing your bottom line.

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